Gift Ideas

Welcome to the start of my gift ideas page. A big part of entertaining often involves the giving (birthdays, showers, etc.) or receiving (hostess, housewarming, etc.) of gifts. I’ve given and received some wonderful and thoughtful gifts over the years. So, it’s time to share ideas! If you’ve had a particularly unforgettable gift be sure to connect with me on Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest (UnforgettableEntertaining) or Twitter (@UEntertaining) and let me know - I may add it to the page.


Graduation Gift Ideas

The most common Graduation gift is money because kids are either starting higher education, training or just life and cash (or check) is always appreciated. If you’re going to give them money instead of just giving 20 dollars, euros, pounds, etc. give them $20.19, £20 19d, 2019¥ or even $2,019, £2019, 2019€ if you can afford it for close family and friends.

If you want to get a more personalized gift that can be wrapped there are several things that graduates can use either in a dorm or just starting out on their own. From curtains lights to air fryers and hooded robes - the choices couldn’t be easier.

The following are affiliate links to some some great gift ideas for your graduate. I may earn a small commission if you purchase any of the items through these links but it in no way increases the price. I’ve tried to include only Prime or free shipping options. Happy shopping!

Men’s (or Father’s Day) Gift Ideas

Ah, Dad. There’s no one like him. He’s irreplaceable. How do you celebrate such a family icon? You know Dad. You know what he likes. So, why are you still giving him sentimental, cutesy pictures or another tie? Now, no Dad worth his salt is going to act anything but pleased with such touching gifts but how about something cool and masculine instead (or at least to go along with that handprint card)? Start with the sappy but follow it up with the manly (or the nerdy).

My Dad is getting up there in years and isn’t able to do a lot of the things that he use to do. It can make gift giving difficult. I want to give him something considerate and enjoyable but still worthy of his title as DAD.

In the last couple of years I have struck on the tradition of giving him his favorite candy bars - in the amount directly proportionate to his age. He doesn’t remember it’s what I got him last year but he is tickled every time. I just add one more to the total and package them a little differently each time. Last year it was 70 peanut butter cups, this year its 71 mini candy bars in a metal military-type box, next year it’ll be 72 maybe in a wooden crate but he’ll be happy just the same. He’s Dad - I know what he likes.

I used a chalk marker to label the top of the box - EMERGENCY RATIONS

I used a chalk marker to label the top of the box - EMERGENCY RATIONS


Or you can go ALL out and give him his own space. Call it a Man Cave, Tool Shed, Geek Gallery, Mantuary - whatever Dudetastic title fits.

These designs by Amazon require only basic tools and can be assembled in one day by two adults. He’ll think he’s Chip Gaines with this DIY!


Don’t forget her - what would she like?

A Ma’am Cave, She Shed, She Shack - or maybe a Garden shed or Pool House?

Whatever she decides to use it for she won’t believe how lucky she is with a gift like this!

Ladies Birthday (or Mother’s Day) Gift Ideas

I’m a mother and I have received some really great gifts. When I think back to my favorites though they are all some type of practical or convenience type things. Like the key fob door clicker for my used vehicle that didn’t come with one or my cleverly designed inverted umbrella (link shown). Maybe that says more about me than mothers in general because usually Mother’s Day gifts tend to be more feminine and indulgent like flowers or perfume.

I’m going to at least say that many young or youngish mothers (myself included) would like something that costs more than money - time and labor. No kidding - we would love the grand gesture of having our household tasks taken care of by the rest of the family so we can have a break from them - now that’s indulgent. If you choose to do this (bless you) surprise her right before or during the special day and send her off on a looooong walk, the movies, to visit her own mother……just elsewhere while the team work commences. Believe me, she’ll love coming back to a duty free day instead of a day where things just pile up worse than ever because everyone said, “Take it easy, it’s your day.”

My own mother appreciates anything that is especially thoughtful. For her birthday one year I made her a collage of family photos and had family and friends write down well wishes and bucket list suggestions. She had so much fun reading them aloud to everyone. They were sweet, sentimental and also hilarious!

If you’re interested in other gift ideas I’ve included some affiliate links from Amazon. Pick out something that suits the special ladies in your life - something that says that’s so her!

Bucket List suggestions and Well Wishes from friends & family is the funniest, most thoughtful gift I ever gave my mom.

Bucket List suggestions and Well Wishes from friends & family is the funniest, most thoughtful gift I ever gave my mom.