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Down the rabbit hole...

There are a plethora of Wonderland party theme ideas online. Hundreds of pictures are pinned in Pinterest boards on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and through the looking glass. We have our own share of such pins and boards. Whether you’re planning a birthday, graduation, baby shower, bridal luncheon, Mother’s Day tea or any other celebration, a Wonderland theme is fun, colorful and memorable.                     

What makes a party or event memorable? Many would answer good food, good company, and good conversation. And they would be right. But what makes an occasion unforgettable? Other than the unplanned and unexpected, such as a power outage or a fallen cake, unforgettable entertaining is about the overall feel and experience you provide your guests. This is achieved through the atmosphere you create which can include everything from music, games, and decor to the mouth-watering smell of the food. It also involves making sure guests have a pleasant time together. This is achieved by providing guests with some kind of activity that requires them to engage with each other. It can be as simple as conversation starters or as involved as a competitive game.

Think back to a gathering where you had a good time. What about it makes it a pleasant memory for you? If it was pleasant just because you were with people you care about chances are you also ate with them, or did something together that had you talking and laughing.

In the following chapters you’ll find ideas we selected for our own Mad Hatter tea party. In many cases we modified these ideas to ensure the atmosphere and activities for our guests were unforgettable. Every party is different and in planning, one must pick and choose what will work for the occasion, space, and timeframe. You’re likely here because you’re looking for some inspiration, so read on friend.