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If you're interested in planning an unforgettable party or get together for a special event you've come to the right place. We are taking well known stories and using them as themes to entertain and delight guests. You're fortunate because you have come to this particular party early which means you'll be able to join our email list and be notified as soon as each event is posted as well as be the first to hear about all the tips and party planning downloads. Or stop by the Gift Ideas page for help with choosing unforgettable gifts. You can also scroll below and follow us on social media for all things entertaining.


We're starting this journey with one of the most iconic stories known today. Lewis Carroll had a great deal of success in his own lifetime but he could have never fathomed how Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would leave the pages of his books to stage, film, the world wide web (what’s that?!), and back into our living spaces as an entire theme for entertaining.


So, turn the page, so to speak, and find out about a journey down the rabbit hole...


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